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The below shack pictures show my various radio setups over the years. Sadly, I no longer have most of those radio's but will build up another collection soon enough!

The 2950 and Galaxy 2547DX are both stock photo's.

The Stoner complete set is NOT from my person collection.

Thanks to Sherman (Wiskey Runner) for the Mark 20 Cornell Dubilier pic.

webassets/SBEConsoleV.jpg webassets/Cobra2000.jpg webassets/Pro40radio002.jpg webassets/CBRadioDustCovers.jpg
webassets/Arf_setup_001.jpg webassets/Arf_setup_003.jpg webassets/ARF2001andShack004.jpg webassets/ARF2001andShack003.jpg
webassets/ARF2001andShack002.jpg webassets/CDEMARK20RADIO.jpeg webassets/CraigL232Radio.jpg webassets/458.JPG
webassets/Superscanner2.JPG webassets/Stonersetup.jpg webassets/Stoner1.jpg webassets/21JjhcUCSAL._SL160_.jpg
webassets/41NwTefrsiL._SL160_.jpg webassets/shack4.JPG webassets/shack3.JPG webassets/shack2.JPG
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Welcome to my Shack Gallery. I have had hundreds of radio's in my shack and I REALLY wish I would have taken pictures of ALL of them before I sold them as I could have posted them in this gallery. I still have some pictures and have included them below.

Teaberry XV AM/SSB Base with Teaberry Desk Mic               GE SUPERBASE                        MARK SIDEWINDER SSB-46

          Teaberry XV.jpg               tn[5].jpg       tn[2].jpg

        SBE CONSOLE V BASE STATION                          COBRA 2000 GTL AM/SSB                REALISTIC TRC 490 AM/SSB

          tn[2].jpg               tn[6].jpg        tn[3].jpg


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